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So much going on!!  Items to the store, designs to create, product to make, shows to go to.  Oh my!    

The store is up and running and there are so MANY more goodies to list.  If you can't find what you are looking for and until I can get everything in the store, here at, please visit our eBay store at   For digital downloads visit our Etsy store at

If you follow us locally, we have put a few things in a shop in Porter/Kingwood.  Cripple Creek Open Market located at 25428 Texas Loop 494 in Porter.  They are open Tuesday - Sunday.  

Our next show will be in Round Top/Warrenton.  Fall of 2020.  Don't have our exact dates yet, but put it on your calendar for the end of September - first of October.  We are in Tree Park and should be there for around three weeks.  We'll have all our equipment out so come by and get your custom work done.  

If you need something made or just have a question, please let me know